The West Hill Donkeys
Melanie Rush devotes herself to looking after her 22 donkeys. Summer is approaching and she is getting ready for another busy season on the beach at Weymouth.

Getting up early, she takes food and water up to the field. Today new saddles are to be fitted, and then hooves checked to ensure the donkeys are fit and ready for work. Knowing the donkeys as well as she does, she carefully selects which donkeys work best together.

Down on the beach a trail is laid out by her helpers, and children queue excitedly. "The ones that are beaming and silent are the ones who are fully engrossed. And then you get some that you know their complete family history by the time you get back" Melanie laughs.

Back home after a hard days work there is time to wind down, and a cuddle with her favourite donkey! 
March 2015