the forgotten coast 
The coast of Durham has had a tough time over the last twenty years. Until the late 20th century it was a prosperous area, with small village communities growing up around the coalmines which  dominated the coastline. One by one these closed during the Thatcher years.  Now other industries are also closing the latest being the steel works at Redcar which finally doused the furnaces in 2015. 

Now many of the buildings lie empty. Tenants can no longer afford to rent them, as many are subject to the "bedroom tax". 


​​One single mother shows me the missing slates off her roof.

"It's really damp, and in the winter I only have one  bedroom for me and my two children. The landlord has made little effort to mend it."​


​​Once a thriving town with a busy port. Now pubs lie empty and the streets have a weary feeling.
February 2016
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