Cumbrian Villages

Village halls, post offices, pubs, churches and the local shops are essential centres for village communities.

Although over 15 million people visit the Lake District each year, bringing welcome income into the area, few of the the benefits reach the  surrounding towns and villages. Some of the villages grew up around the mines, and as people have left in search of work, pubs, shops, bus routes, church halls all struggle and many have closed. 

Other villages have grown up around farming  communities, and picturesque properties are in high demaond by visitors seeking a "second home". Not only does this drive house prices out of the reach of local people, but causes villages to become ghost towns out of the holiday season. 

Frizington and Cleator Moor





Broughton Moor

Abbey Town 

The Lakes and Keswick

High Lorton

On the Trains

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